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WEEK 2- Day 2

The team chose the way we want our drive train right away at the start of the meeting. We will have 4, larger back wheels, and two smaller, raised-up wheels. After that, we chose to order four 8-inch plastic wheels. Our team advisor took the reigns today. He showed us a video that he hoped would inspire us. We watched a 'ROBOT IN 100 HOURS'. The team in the video built a robot straight from the kit of parts. He then decided that we should try and strip down last year's robot --Sigi-- so we can test our defenses. Sigi will act as a prototype robot. That is one team of 7 members. One member is prototyping Honeycomb wheels by 3D printing. Another team is working on the drive base -- four members. And the we also have an arm group -- four members. There is also a group of two using cardboard to visualize 8-inch wheels on the defenses. A few members are also finishing the moat defense.

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