WEEK 2- Day 1

Today the meeting started with a presentation from a guest speaker- Dwane. He is one of our mentors and a Wisconsin's FIRST Excecutive Advisor Board. There are 46 FRC teams in Wisconsin and the board is looking at how to grow teams in Wisconsin. He informed us that there is a new FIRST bill looking to be passed in Wisconsin to help encourage new teams to start. This bill includes ofering $500,000 in grants. $5,000 per team. He asked our team to write our local legislator to support the grant/bill.

He informed us that La Crosse is in the works to have a regional event in La Crosse. 150 volunteers are requiered at a regional event, but we also need about $150,000 to host.

He also encouraged us to go look at the FIRST scholarships. He also asked us to look at the Alumni and Intership tab of the FIRST website. There are many oppertunities to go and visit new places-- one of which is going to Califonia and working at Apple for a period of time.

He mentioned to us robot inspections-- so the new students know what it is and the process it includes.

Once he was done talking, the team was intrpduced to a new mentor. We then talked about the net two months. When do we want to have a driving base? This question and many others were presented to the team.

The team also talked about new parts and robot build.


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