KICK-OFF DAY -- Stonghold

This year's game is INTENSE. With a complex field and point system, the team must come together this year to conquer the game. The field consists of a Neutral Zone, the Outerworks --defense line--, Courtyard, and the Secret Passage.

Robots are setup in the Nueteral Zone which is in the mid-field. Each robot starts with one boulder, other boulders are set on the mid line. The game starts in Autonomous mode where robots move on pre-programmed movements. During this time there are numerous ways to score. You recieve two points for reaching the outerworks of the neuteral zone. If you cross the defenses (Outerworks) you will recieve 10 points. If you cross the outerworks line you can score on the opponents tower. Ten points for for the high goal and five points for low goals.

After the 15 second autonomous mode teams move into teleop mode, which is 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Players take control of the robot and work to gain points. The Outerworks are the first challenge teams must over take. The Outerworks consist of 5 slots of different defenses. Slot one stays the same every match and slot three changes by audiance vote. The last three slots are chosen by the alliance (group of three teams). There are over 10,000 different defense combonations. To earn points off of the Outerworks you must make it through to the opposing alliances Courtyard-- five points. Two crosses over a defense damage it. Damaging the defenses add up. Once four out of five defenses are down the Outerworks is considered breached and the breaching alliance recieves 20 points and one ranking point.

Once alliance members are in their opponents Courtyard they can score points by shooting boulders at the other teams Tower. Higher goals are five points and lower goals are two points. Alliances must damage the enemy towers by hitting it with boulders. Once the tower's defenses are down the attacking alliance can Capture the tower. Either challenging the tower by surronding it-- five points-- or by scaling the tower --15 points. When the tower is captured the winning alliance teams are awarded 25 points and one ranking point.

There are unique aspects to this game. An alliance can choose a spy robot which will start in the opponents Courtyard and will be accompenied by a player on the sidelines. Each team can also have one defense robot in their own Courtyard.

This year's game is very intense and the team is eager to attack this game.

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