Today the team met and worked on the robot. A member from the programming team got to the Highschool at 8 a.m. to work on autonomous mode. The robot and everything was running smoothly until a mistake in programming cause the robot to go forward at full speed, braking our arm. The member that were currently at the highschool 'fixed' the arm and we got it reattached and added our counter-weight (countering the battery weight).

We then loaded up the trucks and the cars and drove over to Luther Highschool. We set up our pit and joined Aquinas in building the official field for our Week Zero scrimmage. We also took a look at the possible awards.

During this stressful day the team found ways to laugh-- one of which had to do with our Boulder. We drew a face on our boulder --it was also signed by almost every member of the team-- and given the name Sebastian.



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