Scrimmage @ Caledonia (Pun alert)

This was a pretty crazy weekend for everybody! Several of team members were in Caledonia on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday was field set-up from 5-9, Saturday we put our pit together, made some last minute tweaks (our robot had trouble getting with the program on Saturday, but our hard-working programming team managed to get things back under control) and passed inspection (almost). After inspection, it was clear that our plexiglass cover needed work. We were shocked when the inspector said the electronics should be fixed. We had to ask, “Wire you making us do this?” Late Saturday night, a few tireless team members decided we needed more team spirit and made a beautiful banner! They decided to go with a magic/wizard/medieval look to fit in with the Steampunk theme of the competition. Sunday was a big day . . . there were 18 teams present to test out their robots and gear up for the competition. Our Guitar Hero controller really struck a chord with the other teams, but it stressed us out while it was being tested; one could say we were high-strung. In the end we played our way to victory! The practice games were intense; the outcome was often up in the airship. The pressure was on when other robots shot into the high boiler, scoring a hole lot of points, and the various obstacles on the field tested Dolores’ metal. While the robots competed, we all pitched in to help sell concessions and distribute an abundance of burgers. The safety of Dolores hung in the balance while we tested our climbing mechanism. Although Dolores fell off the rope once, she bounced back thanks to our well-fabricated bumpers, and we only needed some minor repairs. Fortunately, we all knew the drill. It’s a good thing we stayed organized, since losing our tools would have thrown a wrench in our plans. After that, it was nerve-wracking for us to watch Dolores climb the rope, but we hung in there! All in all, the scrimmage really gave us a field for how the competition will go. After some quick tear-down, the team headed to Schmidty's in La Crescent for a great team dinner.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Caledonia for hosting us, and to all the volunteers who made this weekend possible.


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