Today is the FIRST day of our robotics competition!

We passed inspection with flying colors! Our roope looked good too, but we're  a making a backup anyway.  We are knot going to mess this one up! We have 4 practice matches this afternoon (see the schedule below, you can come watch), and are pysched to see what Dolores can do!  We plan to compete as often as possible by jumping in every empty match.  Our scouting team is checking out the competition and our programmers are working out the bugs on the practice field. The drivers are a little nervous, but they are ready to rumble! Everybody wish Mr. Fredrick a happy birthday, today's the big day! What better way to spend it than at robotics?! Check out our pit, set up last night by some tireless members who then headed home to design bandanas and rock out to some fabulous FRC Parodies :). Don't forget to come watch us compete Friday and Saturday!


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