The season has finally arose!

The season of robotics is in the air once more. Teams from all over going to areas with other teams to talk to the incoming new members about everything that is involved into robotics. Most of our team on Saturday the 2nd of December went to Luther High School with our new members and other schools to show them the various things it takes to be apart of what we do! Me? I attended this day as well, but would like to note some key features of my experience and what the teams thoughts were through out this process. I attended a group meeting called SWOT, or Strengths ,weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. That meeting put people into random groups and a scenario for a robot already built for the 2015 game Stronghold. We had to make a 4 box chart with the titles included to summarize what our robot given to us was good, and what was our weakest and most vulnerable points. The second session I joined was the one held by our very own adviser. I know, classy. Our adviser went through the steps on how to break down and approach a game. Our adviser had us watch a video of the 2012 game where we were to come up with a way to get a basketball into hoops, blocking the other team from getting into the hoops, and how we could stay on a platform(a chair) for ranking points or stay on a platform with the other teams robot for additional ranking points. A brief summery of the whole event was incredible. Now I am not saying that because our adviser is awesome, I'm saying that because he took an entire game and had us break down the whole thing and play a mock game in just 50 minutes. When I had attended other sessions after that I noticed none of them were really...hands on. By that I mean engineers or builders of some sort would give a presentation about parts without letting students honestly touch them or see them until the last 10 minutes. When talking to the team about this everyone had nearly the same opinion. Only noting that we all wish that builders and etc, would let us do more hands-on work instead of sitting at a desk. I have to say the overall experience was not bad whatsoever. everything was explained well as far as I have heard and seen. We can't wait to keep you updated on our weekly whereabouts and good luck to all!


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