Week Three is Over

This week has been a busy week of catch up. Some of our parts didn't arrive in time, but now that we have them we are making some serious progress with our bot.

Last year's bot, Dolores, was partially taken apart for part and wires. Our grabber mechanism was finalized and duplicated for safety measures. The main grabber is ready to be attached to he arm. The electronics board was put onto the robot. Our electronics captain is beginning to mount the battery and the base electronics. The arm has been completed and the chain is good to go for attachment. Game pieces are still being build. We created a tote dedicated to our replacement parts for competition.

We started our Bumber Team. They are cutting wood and devising a plan for design and their attack for the bumbers this year.

Programmers are working on vision Processing.

Marketing has finalized this year's shirt design and a possible sweatshirt.


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